Fyusion leads major corporate services transition

Corporate services for Australia’s leading arts and collection agencies are currently transitioning into the Attorney-General’s Department’s Shared Services Centre – and Fyusion is leading the process.

Since July 2014, Fyusion director Lisa Koch has led the Attorney-General’s Department’s Shared Services Taskforce, which is consolidating the common back-office functions of the Museum of Australian Democracy, the National Archives of Australia, the National Film and Sound Archive, the National Gallery of Australia, the National Library of Australia, the National Museum of Australia and the National Portrait Gallery. The project is expected to deliver a net $2.4 million in savings over the next four years.

Recognised as an industry best practiced-project manager, Lisa has devised an innovative project plan to guide the consolidation process, including:

  • A deep-dive phase of initial consultation comprising interviews, focus groups, extensive process mapping and targeted online surveys that evaluated IT systems and staff workloads;

  • An implementation design phase in which co-design workshops ensured cross-agency input in the creation of processes, Service Level Agreements, Memorandums of Understanding and service descriptions; and

  • An implementation phase, in which agency staff and services are currently transitioning into the Shared Services Centre. Fyusion’s role includes testing the Shared Services Centre’s performance against the MoUs and SLAs mentioned above.

As each project activity must be tailored to suit the unique needs of each agency, Fyusion has employed a comprehensive project management strategy to ensure all goals are achieved and deadlines are met.

Fyusion staff have assisted Lisa throughout the process, particularly with the Deep Dive phase of the project. Fyusion’s Deep Dive process is a powerful method for analysing the current state of a service and providing a roadmap for improvement. If you would like to discuss how elements of the Deep Dive methodology could assist your organisation, please contact us.