Fyusion supports GSE Act transitions

Since February 2014 the NSW Public Service Commission has driven major reform across the state’s public sector. This includes the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (the GSE Act), which came into effect in February 2014 with the aim of devolving workforce management to agencies within a centrally defined framework. Increasingly over the last twelve months, public sector agencies have dealt with the reality of implementing these reforms, which have a wide-ranging impact on teams and roles.

In the context of this far-reaching change program, Fyusion has helped a number of agencies to get ahead of the game by supporting a smooth transition to GSE Act-compliant structures, teams and roles. This has involved working with agencies to review and refine their organisational structures, as well as working with teams on a more granular level to develop suites of GSE Act-compliant role descriptions.

On the structural review level, Fyusion worked with one agency to complete a review of its executive structure, ensuring the agency could comply with GSE reforms by presenting a more streamlined, flatter executive. The structure recommended by Fyusion has since been approved and is now being implemented, with the implementation process supported by Fyusion consultants.

On the job design level, as part of a broad review of a corporate services function within a large agency, Fyusion worked closely with teams to design, draft and refine teams and role descriptions in line with GSE Act requirements. This allowed the agency to swiftly recruit new roles.