Happy birthday – Fyusion turns 12!


Today is a significant anniversary for Fyusion – the firm was established 12 years ago on 28 January 2004. We have been fortunate over the last 12 years to have worked with Government at all levels and across emergency services, transport, justice, health, human services, education, the arts, taxation and central government.  It has been a wonderful journey so far.

So, where did we start? I have always been interested in the role, function and community service obligations of Government at all levels.  It is a challenging and complex sector but a most rewarding one to work with and contribute to. After running a consulting practice in the NSW Government, I decided to establish Fyusion so that I could continue to do what I loved but from a different perspective.

Fyusion started in 2004 during the time of a buoyant economic environment.  I recall many of our Government clients were in a fight for talent and couldn’t recruit fast enough to meet the needs of their ever-growing projects. What was interesting about this time was that there was considerable scope for innovation, and exploration across policy and delivery agencies.  New services could be introduced, there was heavy investment in IT and people were developed and cultivated to combat the ‘war for talent’. Efficiency rather than savings was top of mind. Some sectors in Government were preparing themselves for the exit of as much as 50% of their workforce over the next ten years through retirements. Redesigning the workforce to overcome this and an urgent need to capture and transfer knowledge were key features of our consulting engagements.

Four years later…..the GFC hit….priorities changed and budgets appeared to shrink overnight.  Then 2012 saw a further tightening of spending. Downsizing, savings and restructuring the public sector has driven most projects since 2008. Some of our government clients have halved in size and have had to do some very interesting thinking about their capability, delivery and core services. Over the last eight years projects have focused on removing duplication, doing more with less, redesigning organisations, and identifying real savings.  Although challenging we have seen some highly innovative outcomes which have injected new life and renewed focus into many Government organisations.  As the savings have become harder to find, Government agencies have had to reinvent themselves and learn to operate completely differently compared to the previous 15-20 years.  It will be interesting to see how this transition continues over the next 12 years and how Government will continue to reshape to meet new demands but most importantly the needs of the community.

I am indebted to our clients for willing to partner with us over the years and allow us to become part of their organisations during our projects. Thank you also to my wonderful team who have made the last 12 years so enjoyable.  I am looking forward to another 12 years and beyond…..