Business Plan development

The Client:

A large emergency services project management institute

The Project:

We were commissioned to develop a 12 month Business Plan to support the operation of the institute.

The Approach:

In order to develop the business plan, we consulted with staff and selected stakeholders to identify key activities, milestones and reporting requirements for the plan.

This included conducting in-depth interviews with:

  • The Chair of the Board of Studies to understand his expectations and requirements of the Business Plan.

  • Internal staff to understand their function and deliverables in relation to the Strategic Plan and identify appropriate activities and measures for the Business Plan.

We also designed, developed and facilitated a half day business planning workshop to discuss the draft Business Plan and resolve gaps and issues identified.

The Outcome:

Based on the information provided during the interviews, workshop and from key documents, we developed a Business Plan for the next 12 months which operationalised the institute’s Strategic Plan.