Development of a Change Leader program

The Client:

A multinational information technology services corporation

The Project:

We were engaged to support a large corporation through their Achieve Global accredited Capable Change Leaders (CCL) Program. This program was driven by the Australian CEO and was subsequently implemented globally by the corporation. This program also won an Australian Human Resource Institute Award for excellence.

The goal of the program was to work with teams across the business to identify current behaviours, explore desired behaviours and to equip individuals with the insight, tools and support to implement the change. 

There were several modules which participants and team members were required to work through over an 18 month period which included:

  • Individual behavioural profiling and analysis (using several different psychometric tools and surveys);

  • One on one coaching sessions and action plan development;

  • Fortnightly team coaching sessions based on agreed topics to reinforce and support cultural change;

  • Quarterly workshops to develop and reinforce constructive behaviours and identify the cause of less constructive behavioural styles; and

  • A tool kit to support the change.

The Approach:

In addition to facilitating and leading over 80 staff through all modules in the 18 month program, we assisted with the:

  • Facilitation of workshops with program participants;

  • Conduct of individual coaching sessions and debriefing sessions;

  • Facilitation of reinforcement program components;

  • Workshop facilitation;

  • Training and development of staff;

  • Development of communications strategies; and

  • Program performance reviews.

The Outcome:

During the two years that we worked with the corporation on their CCL program:

  • On average, participants that were re-tested using psychometric tests identified a significant change in the demonstration of constructive styles and a decrease in the passive, defensive or aggressive defensive behaviours in the workplace;

  • The overall culture of the organisation shifted towards more constructive behaviours; and

  • Participants had become aware of their behaviours and could recognise when they were not operating in a manner which was supportive of a positive workplace.