Development of an IT Division Change Management Framework

The Client:

A large Sydney based university.

The Project:

We were commissioned by the IT Division (ITD) of a large Sydney based university to undertake the development of a change management framework, as well as provide implementation advice for a strategic project that was to roll out across the university.

This project was delivered in two parts.

The first part of this project of was the development of a change management framework for the IT Division. Change management had been identified by the IT Department at the university as critical to achieving project outcomes and benefits. However, the Department recognised that it had little maturity and capability in this area, and so commissioned this project in order to build a fit-for-purpose change management framework to guide its journey.

The second part of the project was providing change management leadership for a strategic IT project - the implementation of a Multimedia Content Management (MMCM) solution roll out, with impacts across the business to stakeholders at all levels – including the Vice Chancellor and a large number of professional teams, academics and students.

The Approach:

To provide an evidence base for the ITD change management framework, and ensure that this would be fit-for-purpose and serve the needs and context of ITD at the university, we engaged a range of internal and external stakeholders. We then analysed the key themes from this consultation program, as well as the project work and priorities of the Department, and aligned this understanding with principles of robust change management in a context of agile project delivery to develop the final change framework.

In supporting the implementation of the MMCM project, we took a hands-on role in leading all aspects of the change journey, including the development and delivery of a change management plan, including communication and training plans, with a strong emphasis on broad and effective stakeholder engagement. We worked closely with the business and the project team to understand the business impacts and readiness for the transition, guiding strategic communications throughout the project, and maintaining active stakeholder engagement ‘on the ground’ at all stages of the project.

The Outcome:

The ITD change management framework we delivered provided a clear pathway for staff, offered practical guidance and intuitive tools to support good change management, and was flexible enough to address the wide range of projects and resourcing challenges of the client. The framework was endorsed by the executive, before being rolled out to ITD staff.

Our role in supporting the implementation of the MMCM solution across the university enabled the project team to deliver the project to schedule, meeting key business objectives and importantly maintaining strong engagement with all key stakeholder groups throughout the process. By the conclusion of our involvement in the project, the solution had been successfully piloted and was being used by academic staff and students across all university faculties.