Transitioning Seven Commonwealth Arts Agencies’ Records Functions into a new Shared Service Centre

The Client:

A leading Commonwealth Department

The Project:

We worked closely with a major national cultural institution as part of a budget measure to consolidate the records functions of seven Canberra-based arts collection agencies. The agencies’ record functions were to be moved into one new Corporate Shared Service Centre. A key challenge in this project was in applying the records function across multiple compliance-focussed frameworks and ensuring that strict records management policies and regulations were always maintained. We worked closely with the client on this project to both transition their records function to the Centre and to seek their advice on the transition of other agencies’ record functions.

The Approach:

We performed a detailed analysis of relevant records management requirements and Record Authorities to ensure that the new Shared Services Centre maintained appropriate record keeping practices. We developed policies and procedures to ensure that these strict regulations were upheld. This work was especially important considering the nature and classification of documents maintained by compliance-focussed member agencies.

A key challenge of this project was in transferring the record management function from the nominated cultural institution to the Shared Service Centre which was based with the client. The nominated cultural institution maintains an extensive collection of historically and culturally significant records utilising a number of different record authorities. These records were also present in both physical and digital form. In order to successfully transition the agency’s record management function to the Shared Services Centre, we worked very closely with the institution to ensure that their requirements were being satisfied in the new Centre and by its new processes, procedures, policies and guidelines.

The Outcome:

As a result of our extensive consultation and the support provided to the agencies throughout the design and implementation of the new model, we successfully transitioned three agencies into the new shared service arrangement. Transitions continued until the program was brought to a close as a result of a change in Government policy. The transitioned agencies were forecast to return a net $3 million in savings annually to Government whilst providing a higher level of service to those utilising the Shared Service Centre.

Following the successful completion of the implementation of the program and the on-boarding of agencies into the Shared Service Centre, the project was acknowledged with an Australia Day Award.