Procurement management and training


Fyusion was invited at short notice to manage the entire tender process for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) fence for NSW Police. The actual requirements for the fence were very specific in nature and had to meet special prerequisites as requested by the various security agencies involved in APEC. Considerations in the development of the documents included:

  • Unable to specify the actual location of the fence for national security reasons during the APEC meeting

  • Varying sub-surfaces and prevention of damage to sub-surface.

  • Timeframe for installation and removal

  • Ability to withstand civil unrest situations

  • Storage

  • Availability of the fence for the period of the contract

The particular documents that Fyusion developed included the following:

  • Request For Tender (RFT) Conditions Of Tender

  • Draft RFT Conditions Of Contract

  • Tender Specification

  • Evaluation plan and methodology

  • Evaluation report

  • Evaluation code of conduct

  • Submission and reports for approval

  • Debriefing summaries

Part of the brief for managing this tender was to train the procurement team at NSW Police on how to run a procurement process in the future, therefore skills in ensuring knowledge was imparted and transferred were particularly important.

Interestingly, although the contract was specifically for APEC, Fyusion ran the process taking into account the long term needs of the NSW Government and put together a NSW State Contracts Control Board contract so that the fence could be used at other state significant events such as New Year’s Eve in Sydney and World Youth Day.