Review of integrated ticketing

The Client:

A NSW State Government Agency

The Project:

We were engaged by a leading government agency to assist with a review of integrated ticketing for special events in NSW. Integrated tickets are typically made available for large public and sporting events (such as a football grand final). An integrated ticket is one where the cost of transport to the event is included in the cost of the event ticket. The project was supported by a Steering Committee representing the major government agencies involved in special events.

The Approach:

The terms of reference for the project stated that the review should take a whole of government approach to special event ticketing and consider all major event precincts in Sydney. This required a comprehensive data collection strategy which included the following activities.

  • A program of in-depth interviews with stakeholders and policy makers in other jurisdictions.

The purpose of the interview program was to collect detailed information, on a confidential basis, from all stakeholder perspectives. Over 30 participants were interviewed, with each interview being conducted according to a structured interview guide. The interview guides were designed around a core set of questions, which were then tailored according to the role of the interviewee within the project: that is, according to whether the interviewee was from a central government agency, a transport operator, an event or venue management company or an agency in another jurisdiction.

  • A focus group with representatives of transport agencies

To supplement the interview program, we designed and facilitated a workshop attended by representatives of all public transport operators. At the workshop, the views of each organisation were canvassed and feedback collected on issues of concern in relation to integrated ticketing and transport for major events.

  • Desk top audit

A significant challenge for this project was the absence of a central collection point for comprehensive data about ticket sales for sporting and entertainment events in NSW. As a result, the study had to undertake a desk top audit to locate relevant data sources and then retrieve and analyse the data. The purpose of the desk top audit was to evaluate several financial scenarios for integrated ticketing.

It was important that the data collected was authoritative and reliable. Thus, data was sourced from a variety of government reports and official statistics.

The Outcome:

At the conclusion of the project, we developed a detailed report that set out and analysed all available statistical data relating to integrated ticketing together with stakeholder feedback. The outcome of the interview program was that we had a comprehensive understanding of stakeholder concerns and issues, and was therefore able to develop options for integrated ticketing which were realistic and could be implemented in the current context.