Review of the tendering function for a global medical instruments company

The Client:

A Fortune 500 medical technologies firm

The Project:

The client had undergone rapid growth and needed a consistent approach to the management and governance of its tendering projects. We were engaged to assist the organisation to research and evaluate their structure in order to improve tendering and bid management in the government sector.

The Approach:

Our consultants facilitated a series of consultation sessions and workshops with staff and stakeholders to gain an in-depth understanding of current tendering practices and processes and to identify opportunities for improvement. Consultation included individual interviews, process mapping workshops and cluster group meetings.

Following the consultation sessions, we:

  • Developed a governance framework for tendering projects;

  • Developed a flexible project management methodology to assist the client to respond consistently to tenders;

  • Built project management tools to provide organisational wide visibility of tenders;

  • Instigated the adoption of the new project management tools across the organisation;

  • Provided support for staff to learn and adopt skills and tools; and

  • Built the capacity within organisation to continue to build and sustain these initiatives.

It is worth noting that after assessing the need, we recommended that the client could avoid the costly uptake of dedicated project management software by utilising software and tools that were already being used organisation-wide such as Excel and Sharepoint. This had a number of additional benefits including reduced costs, simplicity, and the processes, once they were designed, could be quickly understood and used by a large number of staff without the additional need for complex training.

The Outcome:

In addition to developing a series of project management tools, we developed a final report outlining key findings and recommendations in relation to governance.