Structural review and workforce planning

The Client:
A very large Commonwealth department with a service delivery focus.

The Project:
We were engaged to undertake a structural review and workforce planning project for one of the client’s key master programs. This was undertaken as a result of an independent review of the Program’s Business Model, which made recommendations relating to job roles and definitions.

The Approach:
As part of the structural review, staff focus groups were conducted to understand issues with the current structure. This work enabled us to:

  • Develop a process map for the central work process, providing a picture of how the work of the different teams came together at a high level;

  • Identify blockages and duplications within the system that were slowing down work processes; and

  • Identify ways in which the work could be streamlined under a new structure.

The Outcome:
We created a well-defined suite of job statements together with a new organisational structure which enabled the client to operate more efficiently and to meet the requirements of new departmental arrangements. To support change management planning, we also assisted the client to develop a detailed implementation plan and support tools.