Digital transformation

Our practice utilises a human-centred design approach across all projects. We believe this supports a user and client focus, demonstrates agility, relies on deep research expertise, and considers the ideal synthesis of people, process and technology; the hallmarks of our organisational focus.

Our extensive experience in managing technological change means that we understand the ramifications of introducing new technology to your organisation and we have the tools to minimise disruption to your business.

We continuously keep our clients and their stakeholders in our thinking, and collaborate with the client at every stage of the project.

 Do your leaders need to:

  • Focus on identifying the right questions and key issues important for your users and clients?

  • Clearly visualise and define your organisation’s direction for the future?

  • Identify short, medium- and long-term goals, objectives and improvements and create a plan for implementation?

  • Collaborate across divisions to co-design and test end-to-end processes or products?

Our services include:

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Case studies

Development of an IT Division Change Management Framework

Change management implementation

Client experience >

We can work directly with your clients to find out how they feel about interacting with your products or services. We can look at aspects such as:

  • Can they use it?
  • Can they find it?
  • Does it meet a need that they have?
  • Do they want to use it?
  • Do they find value in your product or service?
  • Do they think your product or service is credible?
  • Can they access it?

We use a variety of consultation methods, including interviews, workshops, desktop research and online surveys. Our consultants will work closely with your organisation to determine the experience of the user, focusing on aspects such as customer service, culture, accessibility, marketing as well as usability of your products and services.

User journeys >

We can work with your organisation to create user journey timeline maps. This will show you the key actions of the user and visually describe their interaction with your organisation.

User journey mapping can illustrate all touchpoints between your organisation and the user and allow you to understand important factors that shape the overall user experience.

Customer experience mapping >

Customers or users are at the centre of almost any IT operation. By designing detailed customer experience maps, we will empower you to understand how your customers interact with your IT systems and how well your systems align with customer needs.

We will work directly with your customers to ensure that experience maps are accurate, detailed and reflect the preferences and opinions of real customers.

Digitisation and digital readiness >

We can provide insight into the key issues and blockers concerning the current management of digitisation work at your organisation. We can provide support and guidance with the process of converting non-digital, analogue material to a digital format, assisting you to:

  • Form an agreed digitisation approach;
  • Develop criteria for prioritising digitisation requests;
  • Document the processes for the management of ad hoc requests; and
  • Assess the risks and benefits of outsourcing some activities.

We also work closely with organisations to understand their business requirements in order to provide procurement advice for the most suitable and effective technological solutions available.

Process redesign >

Organisations can often develop uneven and misaligned processes over time. This can cause inefficiencies by allowing the existence of multiple different processes for the same task or can cause confusion as processes become difficult to understand and follow. This is especially important for processes around complex IT systems, which can involve detailed sub-tasks and complex roles and responsibilities.

By aligning and documenting your organisation's processes, you can ensure transparency and efficiency in how your staff perform their roles. This not only reduces costs, but also significantly reduces the risks of errors and non-compliance.

User experience (UX) >

We can work directly with your users to better understand how easy it is for them to use your products or services, including those still in development.

Usability testing can be a quick and inexpensive way to identify and resolve problems before you go to the major expense of implementation. We understand the critical nature of usability testing and can help your organisation achieve better usability outcomes, avoid surprises, reduce expensive mistakes and improve the interaction between you and your clients.