Organisational design

We help organisations assess, review and redesign organisational structures, business processes and job roles.

Every organisation needs to reassess its design and structure periodically to make sure it’s on track to succeed in its goals and vision. Fyusion can help you update and crystalise your vision and design the most appropriate structure, processes and job roles to suit your organisation.

Does your organisation need to:

  • Align the people, information and technology of your organisation with its overall purpose and strategy?

  • Ensure that your processes and procedures are contributing to the vision of your organisation?

  • Develop the right structure with the right roles to achieve the objectives of your organisation?

  • Improve information flow through your organisation?

  • Identify inconsistencies in organisational operations?

Click on the services below for how Fyusion can help:

Executive structure review case study

Structural review and workforce planning case study

Structural review >

Fyusion focuses on bringing clarity to the purpose of the organisation, clarity to the work of individual roles and enhanced communication, reporting and information flow between levels.

Our consultation and reporting methods will result in a set of clearly articulated issues and themes as well as options and recommendations to guide decision making by your executive team. This will enable you to successfully transform your structure and lead your organisation into the future.

Job design >

Job design and analysis is a process which can help organisational leaders to understand and solve issues concerning job roles following, for example, a merger or organisational redesign. We have helped clients who have undergone major organisational change to regain or establish equity across roles by investigating, analysing and making recommendations on:

  • The skills requirements of the workforce - including qualifications, experience, education and training;
  • The work performed - including functions, sub-functions, activities and tasks in relation to work instructions; and
  • The work settings - including purpose, goals, objectives the resources required to achieve certain outputs.

Successful job design in your organisation will lead to greater satisfaction levels among staff in terms of clear career pathways and training opportunities.

Job design can also be used to ensure your organisation is ready for the requirements of new legislation.

Process mapping and process improvements >

Large processes, that cross many divisions and that have grown or changed in response to departmental changes, can often become unwieldy - with the front end not knowing what happens in the middle or end. Process mapping is an easy way for leaders to see ‘at-a-glance’ exactly what is happening in a current process, where there are inefficiencies and who the stakeholders are.

Clients use our process maps to:

  • Highlight areas for improvements close gaps and remove duplication in resource allocation;
  • Brainstorm the steps in an ideal future process as an information and training tool to display relevant process documentation;
  • Identify secondary processes and procedures;
  • Define executive approval stage gates; and
  • Capture touchpoints, tools and templates.