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Our team has many years of experience working in procurement and assisting government agencies in their procurement activities. As such, we have developed a thorough understanding of government procurement and its legislative and regulatory framework.

Our procurement practices occur in a probity-rich environment and are designed to comply with relevant rules and regulations relating to your jurisdiction. We have extensive experience working under the NSW Government’s Code of Practice for Procurement, the Victorian Government Purchasing Board’s Five Policies and the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Procurement Rules. We always endeavour to provide fair and reasonable access for companies bidding for government business through an accountable and transparent process.

Our expert advisors can provide information and support at any stage in the procurement process.

Our services include:


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Case studies

Development of a sub panel

Review of the tendering function for a global medical instruments company

Development of policies and manuals >

Our expert policy writers will guide you in developing practical, accessible policies that will allow your organisation to increase efficiency and ensure compliance in your procurement function. We will work closely with you to develop policies that are appropriate for your organisation that empower, rather than restrict your staff to meet their responsibilities.

Transition implementation of the procured solution >

Following the procurement process, we are able to continue assisting your organisation in implementing your procured solution and ensuring that the aims of the procurement are satisfied throughout the implementation process.