Change management

Fyusion can help manage and implement the technical and cultural aspects of organisational change with a program customised to your organisation.

Fyusion has successfully conducted a number of large organisational change, implementation, job design and process mapping engagements for government departments and agencies.

Does your organisation need to:

  • Develop a structured approach to transitioning individuals or teams into an ideal future state?

  • Identify why change is being resisted and empower employees to embrace change?

  • Close gaps and remove duplication in resource allocation?

  • Determine the degree of risk and the cost of change?

  • Develop implementation strategies such as a communication plan, action plan, business systems plan and training plan?

Click on the services below for how Fyusion can help:

Organisation-wide review

Change management implementation

Change management strategy >

Fyusion can help your organisation to:

  • Clarify and communicate your vision;
  • Understand the risks associated with change; and
  • Design a change management strategy to suit.

Fyusion plan flexibly for the technical aspects of the change and set clear strategies to manage the cultural aspects of the change.

People are the key factor in a successful change management project. Fyusion use a number of proven change techniques to create urgency and excitement for your staff, ensure that they understand the vision and willingly contribute to the success of your project.

Implementation >

A smooth implementation processes can occur when staff clearly understand what is involved during the change, how long it will take, why the change is needed and how they will be affected.

Fyusion help clients build momentum and communicate their vision for change through their proven implementation strategies, including:

  • Communication plans;
  • Business systems plans; and
  • Training plans.

Fyusion’s success in implementing complex change programs can be attributed to one simple factor: we see staff and stakeholders as central to any change management process.

Job design >

Fyusion can help clients to understand and solve issues concerning job roles following a merger or organisational redesign. We have helped clients to regain or establish equity across roles by investigating, analysing and making recommendations on:

  • Skills requirements of the workforce – including qualifications, experience, education and training;
  • Work being performed – including functions, sub-functions, activities and tasks in relation to work instructions; and
  • Work settings – including purpose, goals, objectives the resources required to achieve certain outputs.

Successful job design in your organisation will lead to greater satisfaction levels among staff in terms of clear career pathways and training opportunities. Job design can also be used to ensure your organisation is ready for the requirements of new legislation.

Process mapping and process improvements >

Large processes that cross many divisions, can often become unwieldy - with the front end not knowing what happens in the middle or end. Process mapping is an easy way for leaders to see ‘at-a-glance’ exactly what is happening in a current process, where there are inefficiencies and who the stakeholders are.

Clients use our process maps to:

  • Highlight areas for improvements;
  • Close gaps and remove duplication in resource allocation;
  • Brainstorm the steps in an ideal future process; and
  • As an information and training tool.

Process mapping is one of the most effective ways to visually display stakeholder processes and procedures, executive approval stage gates, and clarify touchpoints, tools and templates.