Human capital

We help organisations enhance their people capability through job design and analysis, training, performance assessment and skills development.

Talented people are core to the success of your organisation.

We have considerable expertise in helping organisations enhance the capacity and efficiency of their workforce and people systems.

By working with you, the client, we will develop a detailed understanding of your organisational capability and your human resources environment. Following this, we will collaborate with you to co-design solutions to your organisation’s key challenges.

Together, we can develop tools to empower your staff and ensure that they have the skills to achieve your organisational goals.

Our services include:

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Case studies

Structural review and workforce planning case study

Executive capability assessment

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C-Suite 360 assessments, coaching and succession planning >

Nurturing leaders who can effectively manage and lead your organisation is critical to your continuing success. 360 degree feedback is a powerful leadership assessment tool that will give you invaluable information about your senior leaders. It helps leaders to:

  • Better understand their strengths and areas for development;
  • Enables them to improve their leadership style in a holistic way; and
  • Assimilate the honest feedback from the full circle of their professional influences including employees, supervisors, peers and business partners.

Fyusion has facilitated numerous positive and constructive 360 degree feedback projects for leaders in the public sector. Clients have found the feedback valuable for both their professional and personal development.

We have also conducted a large number of Executive coaching assignments with Public Sector leaders including Band 2 and Band 3 staff at some of the largest departments in the Commonwealth. Our coaching sessions have allowed our clients to focus and prioritise their efforts to acehive their organisation's goals.

Job design >

Fyusion can help clients to understand and solve issues concerning job roles. A review of job roles may be undertaken systematically, or following a specific event such as a merger or organisational redesign. We have helped clients to regain or establish equity across roles by investigating, analysing and making recommendations on:

  • Skills requirements of the workforce – including qualifications, experience, education and training;
  • Work being performed – including functions, sub-functions, activities and tasks in relation to work instructions; and
  • Work settings – including purpose, goals, objectives and the resources required to achieve certain outputs.

Successful job design in your organisation will lead to greater satisfaction levels among staff in terms of clear career pathways and training opportunities.

Job design can also be used to ensure your organisation is ready for the requirements of new legislation.

Workforce planning >

Strategic workforce planning is crucial for realigning corporate and strategic objectives in the face of organisational change. Whether it be through the imminent loss of corporate knowledge through employee exits or the need to review skills requirements in the face of a rapidly growing division.

Fyusion is well placed to provide your executive team with sound strategic advice, insight, options and recommendations based on your specific situation. Fyusion’s advice is always grounded in best practice from our experience of working with comparable organisations.

Training >

As well as delivering training courses, Fyusion consultants have expertise across the whole training lifecycle.

This includes extensive experience in undertaking evaluations of existing training courses (with a view to redesign) as well as the research, design, development and delivery of new training packages.

We can help your organisation to:

  • Identify your training needs with a training needs analysis and strategy;
  • Evaluate existing training programs to ensure they are meeting the needs of participants;
  • Redesign courses to better suit the needs of trainees; and
  • Design, develop and deliver courses.

Cultural development >

Culture is one of the strongest forces that pushes an organisation towards or away from acheiving its goals. Unlike process or HR issues however, culture can often be invisible and very difficult to identify.

Our Managing Director, Lisa Koch, has a strong academic background in organisational psychology and the effect of culture on organisations. Combining this detailed knowledge with the ability to listen and understand your organisational context and requirements, we will ensure to identify and treat any cultural problems that your organisation is facing.