Shared services and outsourcing

We pride ourselves on our deep level of experience in the public sector and have an understanding that the future of this sector is infinitely complex. Over the past fifteen years, we have completed a significant number of projects involving the implementation of shared services.

Our detailed knowledge of shared services within the context of the public sector allows us to design and manage shared operating models that improve service quality, increase cost-efficiency and provide opportunities for innovative collaboration with other organisations.

We are more than happy to assist your organisation’s transition to a shared services hub, or if you are a service provider, to help you establish roles, processes and systems around the management of your clients.

 Our services include:

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Case studies

Development of an operational model for a Corporate Cultural Shared Services Centre

Transitioning Seven Commonwealth Arts Agencies records functions into a new Shared Service Centre

Memorandums of Understanding >

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is the first formal expression of a shared services relationship. Because of this, it is absolutely essential to develop a detailed, specific and fair MoU to ensure that relationships within the agreement are managed effectively.

Our extensive experience in working with shared service arrangements means that we are in an excellent position to design MoUs that set the groundwork for an effective relationship between you and your partner organisations.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) >

Our knowledge of shared service business models will allow us to effectively lead collaboration between you and your partner organisations to achieve an outcome that is mutually beneficial. We will ensure that your SLA is clear, detailed and outlines the key roles and responsibilities of your shared services relationship.

Our consultants are exceptional researchers and writers and, as such, are in an excellent position to research, design and develop rigorous business cases and options papers for your organisation on any subject. The format can be designed and developed to suit your specific requirements.

Optimisation reviews >

For shared services to realise significant efficiencies, it is essential that services are optimised to operate uniformly across different organisations. An optimisation review can help your organisation identify process inconsistencies and suggest recommendations to increase process consistency.

Once processes are aligned, organisations will be positioned to realise savings resulting from economies of scale and technology and resource sharing arrangements.

Business cases and options papers >

We can help you determine whether shared services are right for your organisation and what level of savings you stand to gain by adopting shared services.

Our business cases and options papers will empower you to make an informed decision about the future of your organisation's service delivery.